Aphelion Center For Gifted Education


Aphelion Center Workspace and Kids Zone
You have reached the reception area of Aphelion. From here you can access the Workspace where members are actively engaged in discussion and creating educational resources for Gifted & Talented children. Shortly, the Kids Zone will also be available to the children of members for their own activities and networking.
Please, access the respective sites in the menu bar above. Separate registrations are required. Membership is limited to parents of children in Exceptional Learner and Gifted & Talented programmes in their school. If such programmes are absent in the school, parents are welcome to submit pychometric test results or other evaluations indicating exceptional abilities and potential for gifted education.
The Aphelion Center is primarily an online community of parents interested in the welfare and education of their children. The Center aims to bring parents together to discuss opportunities to enhance the educational experience within and outside school and to proactively engage in activities to ensure a quality experience. Four functional areas have been created to support this engagement: collaborative learning, after-school programmes, campus interstices and discussion forums. Growing out of these efforts, the Center will undertake to deliver an After-School Programme in select schools.

Functions ~ Areas where parents can get involved ~

Collaborative Learning

Creation of curricula, educational materials, lesson plans, supplementary and bibliographic resources for parents, teachers, tutors, and home-schoolers suitable to Exceptional Learner (EL)/Gifted & Talented (G&T) kids at various developmental levels.

After School Programmes

Planning, development and delivery of lectures/talks, workshops, outings and after-school programmes for EL/G&T kids in their respective schools.

Discussion Forums

Discussion of issues on topics related to gifted education, in general, and experiences with schools and parenting, in particular. Also, discussion related to the activities in the Collaborative Learning and After School Programmes, Campus Interstices functions. Discussion area for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted) groups.

Campus Interstices

Programmes and installations set up by EL/G&T kids and families for the benefit of EL/G&T students and the wider student population.